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July 1, 2004


(Word to the Reader: The Spirit recently quickened inwardly, that as the list of newsletter participants grows, they form a "special group." Larger now than many congregations and having little "cross identity {knowledge of one another}," the readership-general is unique along certain lines: first, you have read one or more of the texts Zadok Publications offers; second, your spiritual walk is outside the "norm {many have years of Bible study and Spirit-experience—you are seasoned saints};" third, a majority question the validity of the religious world and its trappings; fourth, you call forth in the Spirit a different kind of writing {something that goes beyond a sermonic treatment or "top water[Texanese for shallow]"communication}. With this knowledge comes a heartfelt desire to say, "May these offerings be meaningful, led by the Spirit discussions, testimonies and studies that will be worthy of your continuing as subscribers and be beneficial to your spiritual walk." A holy kiss, a warm embrace of heartfelt love, and a true blessing come to each of you, from all of us at the publishing house.)

Anatheoreo : Gr. NT (Strong) 333. "…to observe carefully, consider well." Akin to tereo (NT5083) "Keep" and paratereo (NT3906)"to watch closely, observe narrowly." View Gal. 4:10, Heb. 13:7. Acknowledge the "middle voice" usage, suggesting religious observance of days, etc., not from disinterested motives, but with a view to one's advantage. Theoreo(NT 2300), "to be a spectator of."

EXEGETICAL REVIEW Luke 17:20 ff Jesus was answering the Pharisees' inquiry. He answered in another way, the probing of the Disciples. Keeping in mind the Pharisees were the "church-folks" of Jesus' Day, they were not to be ignored. The answer Jesus gave them was in marked contrast to the inquiry of Acts 1:7-8, where just before His ascension, Jesus told His followers, "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority (sealed only to Him), BUT you shall receive power…and you shall be witnesses." All the Disciples would need for their journey in the kingdom was supplied in this answer.

Pharisees needed a different word, but one which was like so many others, with more than surface meaning. They would hear one thing, when in reality it alluded to another. Their craving for a physical kingdom which could overthrow Roman occupation would not have accepted the spiritual answer given to Jesus' band of believers.

To these worldly followers of traditional formulas, Jesus gave a principle so deep it required several applications to drive home its profundity. He mingled details of the fall of their kingdom with His second coming (in other words many of the things that were present in their lives would also be in the lives of those present at the end time). Jesus also gave meat for Simon Peter to write about in the second epistle, by referring to Noah and Lot in tandem. He then issued a parable about a troubling, persistant widow and an unjust judge. He concluded His discussion in two ways: first with a statement about the Father, "I tell you that He will avenge them speedily (take care of all the religious and political injustices);" and second, He asked a question, "Nevertheless (aside from all that), when the Son of Man comes will He REALLY find faith on the earth?"

Scripture then puts all these words in perspective in Luke 18:9,
"Also He spoke this parable to some who trusted in themselves that THEY were righteous and despised others (Herein lies, the sub-surface issue behind so much of the questioning.)."

Pharisees were anxious to know what part they would play in any coming kingdom, what their role would be in such a move and whether they could participate without compromising their legalistic formulae. They wanted "first rights" on whatever Jesus was up to because if a Jew was establishing anything "Jewish," they wanted to be "in" on it. Little could they fathom that His kingdom had already come and that it was an inward kingdom and needed no visible or tangible evidences to determine its participants or their roles.

Jesus dramatically re-enforced this truth: "The kingdom is not a spectator sport." The custom of the Pharisees allowed them to enter the temple and observe what was going on. They then had the choice of entering in or not. An example of such behavior might have been a particular monitory need within the range of one's financial ability, one would then say, "Folks, don't worry past this point, I will take care of it." Any glory from that commitment would have naturally flowed to the benefactor.

Jesus' kingdom is different, His kingdom is within. His kingdom does not yield to "observation." Choice to enter in or not is not a factor; those kinds of choices are determined by the Spirit.

Every word spoken to the Pharisees agreed with the answer given to the Disciples in Acts 1:7-8. First, it would not be a kingdom determined by the unredeemed eye. It would not be based on location.

Modern churches come very close to determining the kingdom by location (it is in Canada; no, it is in Missouri; no, it is in Florida; no, it is at one of the "wells of revival---Los Angeles or Spokane or Chicago.")

Jesus states His truth in simplicity, "The kingdom of God is within you." This is a spiritual kingdom and those who seek to make it "manipulatable" by man, find defeat. Power and witness are its only two resources. The moment one steps aside from this truth, the pitfalls multiply! The Holy Spirit rules in this sovereign domain. He leads into all truth, guides the participant's feet, teaches them all things, reveals the inner being of the Father, calls for commitment to His way, perfects the saints and intercedes with groaning. It is the Spirit that leads the kingdom-person to garner information that many times is met with: "Why do I know this? What caused me to be here and observe this or that? How did I obtain this understanding?" The Spirit's objective is for the "kingdomite" to be full of power. Power, so defined, is the ability to carry out any task, to overcome any obstacle, understand any issue and exercise dominion in every case. Thereby a witness upon the earth becomes more than a tract shuffler. A Witness stands before the world and demands to be heard, stands undeterred from his/her testimony, and walks in the authority of truth—He establishes it!

Jesus gave the Pharisees the variant between HIS day and their day. Scriptures such as "mine hour has not come" are linked to Luke 17:24 "…so also the Son of Man will be in His day." With this verse He excluded in finality those he addressed in verse 22. The line between His kingdom and THEIR kingdom was clearly drawn.

(Here is why the Lord would not allow the author to participate in any form or fashion in the Mel Gibson display of The Passion. The Spirit revealed Luke 22:53, "But this is YOUR hour and the power of darkness." Those who viewed, participated or defended this movie must repent for entering into the "your hour" and the power of darkness shown in Luke 22:53. Do so immediately!* (Look at end of document for expose of The Passion.)

Next, Jesus gave a hint of last days conditions by declaring them to be days of Noah and Lot. Noah was a witness in the former last days, prior to the deluge. Lot was a witness to Sodom, before the flames. Noah, stood as the pillar of a world destroyed by water. Lot signaled the judgment on the new world after the flood, judgment with flame. What are kingdom people to be---a Witness? Noah was a witness against a society gone mad, even down to the last hour. Lot's righteousness stood as a witness against the excesses of sexual defilement—the gay and lesbian community at full bloom and in power.

Jesus was cautioning the listening ears of His Disciples that in the last days both Noah and Lot elements would be operating simultaneously. The last days would see "society gone mad" and the rise to power and forefront of the gay community.

Simon was duly impressed to write, "For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Messiah, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty (II Peter 1:16)."

No wonder later, he described the false teachers by exposing their venom among the churches (He did not describe those "outside" the body, but those inside the "fellowship"). Like snakes, they kill by poison, ingest their dead and are unphased by their venom laden victims. Simon then stirs the pot with Noah and Lot! Then he recaps in vivid terms, ALL the words spoken by Jesus in a capsule rendition of Luke 17.

The Twenty-first Century is rife with churches and churchmen asking the question of the Pharisees, "About this kingdom, we want to have a part of it---if it brings wealth, glorifies our kind, strengthens our position, aggrandizes our formulas and promises religious authority and power." To these, Jesus' words are the same, "The kingdom is not by observation." To those who are true "kingdomites:" Luke 18:1 says to pray and not lose heart! Later, Luke recalls Jesus', "Receive the kingdom like a little child!"

Jesus did not say the kingdom could not be spiritually observed. He separated earthly, man controlled observation from Spirit observation. Since this is an inward kingdom, the Spirit of God manifests many things about society, religion and government to the saints. The true kingdom must walk in power and witness before all these sociological entities. "Kingdomites" will not walk in ignorance; this is why they will "know," "be led," "perceive," "understand" and "observe." "Kingdomites" are not caught up in theory (the English derivative of the Greek word "Observe") but are grounded in fact (witnesses).

"The kingdom is within you" …bears a look at the word, "within." It is the Greek word "entos." Wycliffe Bible Commentary states, "A kingdom is not just a territory, nor a system of governmental machinery. Its basic existence is in the unity and loyalty of a people." While the earthly religious kingdom strives for "unity" of the faith and has its "interfaith" allegiances along with its "peace at all costs within the ranks," the real kingdom has "Unity in the Holy Ghost." Is it any wonder that true saints, "Don't fit anymore"? Does it seem unrealistic to declare the kingdom is smaller than anyone previously thought, richer than thought, more powerful than imagined and totally opposite of anything, "we've gotten used to"?

The kingdom is without observation and is within YOU!

LISTEN to The Regal Pair Interview by Chuck Crismeir on June 28th broadcast. This is a worthy site. Because those who participate as subscribers often send email to the author enclosing data and materials they feel led to send, perhaps others would like to similarly address , which comes directly to me. (For me to use any email in this monthly newsletter would require permission from you in writing.) There is a desire to hear about your walk, victories and En Punto experiences.

Here is an email from a Baptist Pastor in Eastern Texas who wrote after he was led to "know" some things about a popular movement among Baptist churches, "40 Days of Purpose." This minister was a successful Georgia businessman in his 40's, who in 2000 found himself being obedient to the "heavenly call," a call which began with Ezekiel 3:5-10 (Scripture of the call). He has been a full-time pastor for 3 years. (He has read all the volumes of this Press, so pray for him as he works this through his life.) Along with his email is the website and email he perused, after sending him a copy of this email.

(Copy of the text of the email from an Oklahoma subscriber):

Hi CR,

Patti suggests that you visit the following web page:

Here is a message from Patti ...

Create a Passion movie which shows the "extreme sufferings" of Christ to play on emotions to pull people in...then create a ecumenical world church that preaches another gospel to bring them into. Hmmmmm!

(This is the Pastor's reply):


As you can discern from the time stamp I am up rather late. Over the last couple of days, I have been following up on the email from Tuesday or Wednesday re: 40 Days and boy what a mess!

I have read the exhaustive remarks from the email and have followed multiple links to get an overall flavor for Leadership Network, Bob Burford, Peter Drucker and others and I am being allowed an even greater understanding of the universal problem with the church at large.

Simply put in two words, "man" and "ego." I will, however, not stop here although it sums up the problem nicely. But it is certainly not an adequate amount of writing for therapeutic relief and righteous indignation purposes.

The Greek word for all of this is "Hogwash!" The Holy Spirit allowed all of my internal alarms to go off at the same time on multiple levels. First of all, the true "Church, the Genuine Bride" does not need repackaging, a facelift, a new direction, a fresh approach, or any of the other catchy marketing propaganda spewed by PR or any other firm. To say that JESUS' Church needs help is both egotistical and blasphemous! The "True Church" is mighty fine and She is Held by Her Founder and HE has no out of date concepts or ideas. In fact, these folks are speaking of helping the counterfeit model designed by man spoken of in Ezekiel by the LORD!

My background was on the fast, loose, and front edge of marketing. I used to refer to all of that as "Building the Cloud;" this "cloud" was creating what appeared to be something out of nothing. That's exactly what is happening here. This marketing strategy consisting of inordinate amounts of "psycho-babble" is old and has been in existence for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The ego run amuck is the fact that some mere man believes he has the plan, program, vertical marketing, revitalization, or bigger better more vastly improved way of "doing church." The only problem with all of this is that the very claim of having an entity in need of any of this modern day "mumbojumbo" clearly indicates that whatever it is that they are working on or around is clearly NOT the property of the MASTER! The Church of JESUS CHRIST is Founded upon HIM the ROCK and the ROCK is in no need of repair by anyone and most assuredly not any man with a new "marketing gimmick."

I am feeling better already! All of this and I realized exactly what the LORD did at Calvary( Baptist). HE sandwiched the 40 Days between the first five weeks in the WORD and the on the other end with Revival (WORD) which served to nullify the superficial 40 days all together. The pragmatic, "get your god in a box while driving thru the have it your way house of unworship group," became very stressed because they realized through this process that no "program" will work!

I knew when HE led me to author a 5 week study in front of the 40 day plan that there was something very significant. I had no idea that significant fact was for me to realize the "seeker friendly" aspect of the material and its have all there is to the Christian life in 40 days approach is shallow and without HIS purpose. I liken it to a shark with no teeth, that's hardly a shark is it? Praise HIS Name and I did not see all of this, together in the overall picture, until it became completely clear this week!

One other remark while the thoughts are flowing...The "felt needs" of unbelievers can be summarized in Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD." There is the "universal" felt need > EVERYBODY needs JESUS! I know, here I go over simplifying again. If that isn't the real need I do not know what is!

I am beginning to clearly see meaning of my Scripture of call and what it is I believe the LORD may ultimately be moving me toward. The other thing I see is that HE is showing me what is going to be an enormous task and I in no way will be able to do any part of it unless HE carries me throughout the entire journey! I will discuss the details of this with you later.

Connie, while walking along with me through all of this, came up with another book title for you based on the passage in Zechariah. She said maybe one day you would be led to write, "The Coat of Many Odors"... I have to admit, I wish I had thought of that one!

You must admit that's dead on for this day and age! We love you both very much and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

All of Us -

Living Testimony of a Meat Market Manager: Mark, the meat market mgr., stopped to chat last week and because he knew we were believers, shared this event. Mark was home the other night, observing a quiet moment after hours of employment. He heard an audible voice. The voice sounded to him like God would sound—the voice said, "Go to the VFW Hall." He shook himself after a moment and thought, "I imagined that." Following those thoughts, the identical message was given. He responded by going to the "fridge" to get something cold to drink, thinking to himself… "this can't be happening… I am just a layman, not ordained, I'm not supposed to hear God's voice." Again, louder and more profound, he heard, "GO TO THE VFW HALL NOW!" He did not disobey his heavenly vision. He donned his pants and a clean shirt, put on a polished pair of shoes and went to the VFW Hall. He went inside and the first person he saw was an old friend (we'll call him Russell). Russell was white as a sheet and acted astonished to see Mark. He had been drinking. Mark is a Spirit-filled brother and doesn't imbibe alcohol. He chatted with Russell and persuaded him to leave and go home. He witnessed to him about the Lord and urged him to receive Jesus as His Savior. He did, after two days. He later confided to Mark that the night in question was a memorable occasion for him. He had gone to the VFW hall to get drunk, so he could shot himself later. God spoke to him, and in his heart he said, "I won't do this if Mark comes through that door." He hadn't seen Mark in a year at the time. He picked Mark, not only because he respected him, but, knowing Mark's habits, thought it impossible. When Mark came through the door, he turned pale in unbelief—how could God arrange that?

ANSWER: It took a willing man, (Mark) who really loved the Lord. Mark had not been taught, En Punto. It also took an intervening and merciful God with whom nothing is impossible. The kingdom is not by observation; it is within and directed by the Spirit. Mark is the Meat Market Mgr. for Brookshire Bros. Grocery (an East Texas Grocery chain), Montgomery, Texas.

NOTICE: The second edition of En Punto is being shipped July 1, and should arrive for distribution within three weeks (after passing through customs in Miami).

Personal Testimony: Last month, having a desire to meet and fellowship with brethren from England and Wales, we decided to attend a conference in Louisville. Knowing nothing of the conference, but a lot about Kim and David, we soon discovered the plan of the Lord. Upon our decision to go, a few days passed and a brother from South Carolina, Jim McCants, called and expressed through revelation that I was going to make a trip. I had not heard from Jim for many months. He said it would be a spiritual journey of high import. I accepted this word as real! When I said that we were going to Ky., he shouted, "You must learn about Cane Ridge, Ky. and the revival of 1804! You will be going there about its 200th anniversary. This is why the Lord had me doing research on historical revivals. You are going to need my work on New Hebrides, Wales, Ky. and some others." His email, when printed, was almost a ream of paper. His search was the reading material during the road trip. Before we departed, numerous events took place. Invitations to minister began filling the two weeks schedule—these from strangers to us personally, but not to our work. We found ourselves ministering every night following the conference.

During the course of the conference, the Spirit began saying: "Don't forget Richard; make sure you have time for Richard." I knew Richard Broadbent of Lexington, Ky. only through a phone conversation of a few days before leaving. Several people from Ky. and Ohio were known the same way. In obedience, we scheduled to meet with Richard on Monday noon at Lawrenceburg. (This was the area where an evening ministry was to take place at the home of Tom Isaacs.) He informed us he had been led of the Lord to take us to Cane Ridge Church, where a revival took place in 1804. (Imagine that! We had just studied those events.) Accompanying him were 5 others, among them a descendant of the Rev. Stone who was pastor during this awakening.

The group expressed hope for another awakening to begin at Cane Ridge, one greater than the previous…some even prayed for this when we arrived. The Lord had something different for his servant. He instructed me to go to the gallery above the main floor. He showed me a heavy beam used as a ceiling joist ( I like any kind of building structure) and on it what looked like a print of a hand. He said, "Put your hand on that print and pray the prayer of the man who stood there two hundred years before." I stood; I placed my hands on the prints and prayed for the revival never to end---just as I felt he must have prayed.

Returning to the main floor and subsequently to the larger edifice erected to preserve this monument to revival, I heard the caretaker say to another of the group, "You know this originally was part of Virginia, for much of Ky. was carved from the Virginia territories." Something welled up inside my soul. I felt led to declare the same "Territorial Imperative" I had pronounced in Norfolk, Va., in 2002. As a descendant of Thomas Culpepper, who received the Virginia Territory from Chas. II, I had spiritual rights to make a Western declaration just as I had in the East.

The events after the declaration (copied below this testimony) were interesting. The group took fire and began praying in the Spirit, not only speaking in tongues but prophesying and giving words of knowledge. Outlandish prayers of transferal, occasions of insight and powerful insights came forth from the group. I found myself prostrate on the ground. One couple left. Of those that remained, there was a sense of the presence of God working a new awakening, not based on Cane Ridge or even at this site, but instead upon a people whose hearts were open to His work, just as those earlier saints had been. Mr. Stone wrote later, "We sensed something greater than what could be spoken had taken place that day…something supernatural and far reaching."

May each of us recognize that the Lord is using many to bring into being the "kingdom within" and that it is without observance.

Below is the Imperative which was read at the entrance of Cane Ridge and had been read two years before in Norfolk.

Territorial Imperative:
I stand as a living heir to the land grant of King Charles II, 1675 (5 million, 282,000 acres, equivalent to what is now the State of Virginia), symbolically on the graves of my ancestors, marked and unmarked, and in the pulpit of this mighty church and declare a return to holiness and righteousness in this State. This day, September 29, 2002, I declare that every deed and transfer of properties since the time of Thomas Culpepper, that has not been contractually made in righteousness and holiness be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and whatever evil generated from it be defeated. I declare: That my forefather's intent for spiritual freedom is restored…That from this date forward, a renewal of the kingdom of God be over the land of my fathers. I hereby declare spiritual warfare against all who would seek by craft, deception or affront to dilute or destroy this gospel of the kingdom upon the territories of this grant and that they be dethroned, rendered powerless and made immediately answerable to the angels of judgment and the throne of my Lord Jesus. I declare a blessing upon this population, who serve the Lord and His Christ only, that their determinations and visions be supernaturally performed and they be granted greater authority and power to carry out His will,

Signed this day,

Dr. Cosby R. Oliver
Bloodline of Thomas Culpepper

Note: This declaration was made in Norfolk, Va., in the pulpit of the World Outreach Worship Center at both services. The declaration was given me by the Spirit just prior to fulfilling a speaking engagement at that church based on the pastor and staff having read The Sons of Zadok. The declaration was delivered without prior discussion with any in that body. Its spiritual impact was phenomenal.

NOTE: These types of occasions cannot be orchestrated by man, but are part of being led by the Spirit. Whether Rev. Frank, Mark , Richard Broadbent or whoever, we must hear from the Lord---and in the words of Mark, "We simply cannot settle for less."

Until Next month,

Dr. Cosby R. Oliver, PhD.


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