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Our Mission:

Zadok Publications is dedicated to publishing and distributing quality Christian material to advance "This Gospel of the Kingdom" until the Lord Jesus Christ returns on earth.

Welcome to the Zadok Publications Website

Founded in 2001, Zadok Publications is an extension of Oliver Evangelistic Association, Inc.
        We invite you to browse through our website and get acquainted.


The Road to Captivity

Dr. Oliver's newest book is now available in the Kindle bookstore (by clicking on the cover at left) as well as a printed version ready for pre-ordering at zadokbookstore@zadokpublications or by telephone at (936) 230-3543. The cost of the printed version is $16.95.

The Road to Captivity is a study in Jeremiah about how ancient Israel chose a path to destruction. The book examines the tragic formulas that assured their captivity and offers comment on the two opposing views at work during this period of history. Exploring the larceny of both national leadership and the religious community which combined their power is but one aspect of the sociological and psychological study of how they maneuvered their disarray.

Care is given in applying these universal aspects to current world leadership who are marching down similar avenues leading to chaos. The national mind of ancient Israel is examined in great detail and how that common ideology caused universal ruin. Amazing similarity to the national mined of today is pointed out as well as the suspect policies of current global leadership.

The interplay between Jeremiah and the false prophets who opposed him is focused upon as are various avoidance tactics employed by national leadership. Thus, the Text appears as a Handbook for National Demise.

During Israel's countdown to captivity, certain profiles of opposition appear as examples of the deteriorating rational which was under duress during the invasion process. Many parallels are derived from this in-depth study as they apply to current domestic and international scenarios.

For those who seek a chapter by chapter commentary of the book of Jeremiah, this volume works well.





A Study in Isaiah

Dr. Oliver's  second newest book is also available in the Kindle bookstore (by clicking on the cover at left) as well as a printed version ready for pre-ordering at zadokbookstore@zadokpublications or by telephone at (936) 230-3543.  The cost of the printed version is $16.95.

Isaiah’s task in ministry was to “re-introduce” God to His people.  For many reasons, Israel had lost their understanding of the Person of God.  The Prophet faithfully delivers the message given him, revealing His interjections of justice and grace.

With tenderness he shows the emotional side of the Most High, while never losing sight of the High Holiness of the Redeemer of Israel.  Similar to Luke in the New Testament, his message incorporated aspects of God’s demeanor that had been obscured through the ritualistic religion of the Jews.  Isaiah tears away the veil of history to show how God has been there all along and how His interventions have preserved Israel.

Careful to follow every instruction of the Lord, Isaiah leaves no stone unturned. He identifies the root causes of a straying people and points to the path of correction.  God gave the Prophet spiritual understanding of the future, as well as contemporary issues.  Isaiah reviews the future of Israel as clearly as a participant-observer.  He names historical figures that had not yet been born, such as Cyrus, the Persian conqueror.  He paints the birth of Jesus in vivid description and foretells His ministry so succinctly that Jesus quoted from his work in Luke 4. The Prophet is current down to end time events and many of his prophetic projections have not yet come to pass.

This study uses textual and analytic approaches to Isaiah that are both fresh and invigorating.

Chapters are geared to Bible Study Groups giving both Scripture and commentary in a format conducive to discussion.


Thirteen of Dr. Oliver's books are already available from's Kindle Bookstore, and Barnes and Nobles' Nook Bookstore. These may be viewed on the Newsletter page of this site or by clicking on the E-Book button at the top of this page.  Those available currently are Solomon's Secret, The Sons of Zadok, The Regal Pair, Called to be Saints, Consumed by His Fire, En Punto, Double Grace, A Study in Isaiah, The Road to Captivity, Llamados a ser Santos, El Secreto de Salomon and Los Hijos de Sadoc.

The newest edition is a German translation of The Sons of Zadok, entitled Die Sohn Zadoks.


Check out the New Videos Page:

We have had many requests for videos of Dr. Oliver preaching/teaching concerning the books offered on this website. We are pleased now to be able to begin answering those requests. Click on the Videos button in the link bar at the top of any page, and it will take you to the video page where you will find the messages currently being offered.

Believer's Pavilion, Pursat Prison, Pursat Province, Cambodia:

Pursat is the fourth largest province of Cambodia. It is located in the western part of the country some 174 Kilometers from Phnom Penh. Its provincial capitol is Pursat City. Oliver Evangelistic Association took on the project of building a Believer's Pavilion where the prisoners of Pursat Prison could meet for Bible study and worship out of the sun and rain. The warden of the prison granted a spot within the prison compound for this pavilion. Many of you have contributed to this endeavor, and the pictures below attest to your faithfulness in giving to help. Barmabas Mam, Regional Director of Asia for AFCI guided this venture. He reports being able to build three pavilions with the funds provided. Praise the Lord!

The Believer's Pavilion, Pursat Prison, Pursat Cambodia                                            View of two Pavilions in Pursat Prison, Cambodia                                            Worship Service in Pursat Prison, Pursat, Cambodia                       

Cambodian Church: 

The Hope of Romchek Church in Cambodia was dedicated July 5, 2010. It was reported the village head and many other community leaders, as well as the local Christians, appreciated this addition to their village. This church was a gift from Christian Chou through Oliver Evangelistic Association, Inc. Below are pictures of the church and the dedication.

        Hope of Romchek Church, Cambodia        Pastor Vin and Barnabas Mam by the recognition plaque        Head of Romchek village cutting the ribbon at the dedication

                                                                         Barnabas Mam speaking at the dedication service


Building M
ission Churches:

The three  church building projects which were underway in Cambodia were dedicated in December of 2009. Each church is 6 meters wide by 12 meters long. Pictures of the completed churches, their dedication services and plaques are shown below. All three churches were a gift from Christian Chou through Oliver Evangelistic Association, Inc., and its partners, in partnership with AFCI, Cambodia. Barnabus Mam preached the dedication for each of these churches.  The first four pictures are The Living Hope in Christ Church-Chhouk, Kampot, dedicated December 29, 2009. The next four pictures are Peace Church-Chrab Krasang, Battamburg, dedicated December 27, 2009, and the final four pictures are from the Living Hope in Christ Church-Skun which was dedicated December 31,2009.

Praise the Lord for  his bountiful and miraculous provisions.  Click on a picture to see an enlargement.

     Living Hope in Christ Church-Chhouk, Cambodia         Living Hope Church-Chhouk, Cambodia, dedication plaque        Ribbon cutting, Living Hope in Christ Church-Chhouk, Cambodia  

                                                                        Barnabas preaching dedication at Chhouk Church
                                                            Living Hope in Christ Church-Chhouk, Kamput, Cambodia

     Congregation, Chrab Krasang, Peace Church         Dedication plaque, Chrab Krasang Church         Barnabas cutting ribbon at Chrab Krasang Church, December 27, 2009

                                                                        Barnabas preaches dedication at Chrab Krasang Church
                                                             Peace Church-Chrab Krasang, Battamburg, Cambodia

     Living Hope in Christ Church-Skun         Living Hope Church-Skun dedication plaque        Ribbon Cutting, Living Hope in Christ Church-Skun, December 31, 2009

                                                                        Barnabas preaching the dedication service at Livingn Hope in Christ Church-Skun
                                                                  Living Hope in Christ Church-Skun, Cambodia


Loma de Paja Church, Guatemala, recently held its dedication. This church was funded by Faith Metro Church, Wichita, Kansas. Missionary Larry Johnson is shown in the center of the first picture, with the church pastor to his right. The second picture shows the dedication service.   

Loma de Paja Church, Guatemala

Missionary Larry Johnson leading dedication service, Loma de Paja

Bro. Johnson said the pastor gave his testimony in the dedication service, saying he had been plagued with numerous illnesses for the last 4 years--one thing after another. This last month he had a dream and in the dream, he was shown there was a lot of witchcraft being done      against him, causing all his problems. He was shown the place where candles and different things used to put spells against him were buried. He dug them up and destroyed them and broke off all the witchcraft that was done against him. When he was done, he was instantly healed of all the problems he had. The next day, a Christian man showed up and said that the Lord told him to come and tell him there were two men doing witchcraft against him and that they were going to bury him in a certain place and then lead the pastor to the backyard to the very place where he had dug. Later, the  pastor went to one of the men and shared the gospel with him. Praise the Lord.

Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Calbayog City, Philippines, held their first Sunday service May 17, 2009, with 92 adults in attendance. As you can see from the updated pictures, the church is now complete.  We are thankful and praise the Lord for money to build the church and for the faithfulness of Sister Carmen Geeck in leading her flock.

This church is located in what is called "Typhoon Alley." That is why the roof and walls have been built to be "typhoon proof." It is the hope of Sister Geeck and her congregation that their church can also serve as a sheltering place for many people in the event a typhoon does come. Please keep her and the church in your prayers.

Though the Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Calbayog City is a new church, they have already reached out to an outlying island and started a work there. It began with Sister Carmen making the two-day trip once a month, but it now has a weekly service and a Pastor. This outreach church has now started a small mission and Sister Carmen travels there for services each Sunday after church in the main location. She reports that this mission now has 25 members.

Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Calbahog City, Philippines             First service in the new church building           Sister Carmen & Perry Geeck, Dedication Sunday
Grace Christian Fellowship Church, Calbayog City,             First Sunday Service, May 17, 2009                  Sister Carmen & Perry Geeck, Dedication
Philippines.                                                                                                                                              Sunday.

                                           Side View of Grace Christian Fellowship                     Outreach Island Satellite Ministry
                                         Side View of Grace Christian Fellowship Church                 Outreach Island Satellite Ministry, Philippines

The Cup of Salvation Church, Tontoles, Guatemala, was dedicated September 27, 2008. According to Missionary Larry Johnson, the service started out ministering to the 50-60 children who came, then came a time of praise and worship. The pastor of the church asked some of the new Christians to testify of what the Lord had done in their life. One young man had only been saved about two weeks, and he shared how Jesus had changed his life in just the short time he had been saved, set free of many things. Another man who had been saved 23 days testified about being set free from smokiCup of Salvation Church, Tontoles, Guatemalang, drinking and how the Lord cleaned up his mouth. Brother Johnson says:

        Then the service was turned over to me. I began to share with them about how the funds
        to build the church came about--the testimony of a man of God who was raised from the
        dead and how the name Cup of Salvation was given. They all rejoiced and praised the
        Lord. The Word was preached and a prayer of dedication was given. It was an awesome
        service; in all, we had about 200 people attend the service. Ten adults received Jesus as
        Lord and Savior.

           Congregation Cup of Salvation Church                          Children's Service                             Preaching Service               


Donations designated to the church building project will be used to purchase the necessary building materials. We assure you that 100 percent of all donations so designated will go directly to this project. As churches are completed, we will post their pictures on this site.    Thank you for your help if the Lord leads you in this direction.

The two churches pictured below--The Bread of Live Church and The House of Praise Church--have just been completed in East Africa. Both churches were donated by Mrs. Jo Ann Chou.

                                   The House of Prayer Church, East Africa                                           The Bread of Life Church, East Africa



The Loneliness of the Christian
By: A. W. Tozer

    The loneliness of the Christian results from his walk with God in an
   ungodly world, a walk that must often take him away from the
   fellowship of good Christians as well as from that of the unregenerate

   His God-given instincts cry out for companionship with others of his
   kind, others who can understand his longings, his aspirations, his
   absorptions in the love of Christ; and because with his circle of friends
   there are few who share his inner experiences, he's  forced to walk alone.

   The unsatisfied longings of the prophets for human understanding caused
   them to cry out in their complaint, and even our Lord himself suffered in
   the same way.

   The man (or woman) who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual
   inner experience will not find many who understand him. He finds few
   who care to talk about that which is the supreme object of his interest, so
   he is often silent and preoccupied in the midst of noisy religious shoptalk.

   For this he earns the reputation of being dull and over-serious, so he is
   avoided, and the gulf between him and society widens. He searches for the
   friends upon whose garments he can detect the smell of myrrh and aloes
   and cassia out of the ivory palaces, and finding few or none, he, like Mary
   of old, keeps these things in his heart.

   It is this very loneliness that throws him back upon God. His inability to find
   human companionship drives him to seek in God what he can find nowhere


Comments from Readers:

bulletThe Regal Pair is one of the most profound books I've read. And I've read many books in my 34 years as a believer. I carry it with me and read parts of it all the time. It has been instrumental in changing my life and what I desire to be before Him. We pastor a Messianic congregation, and we highly recommend that everyone read it, as this is the direction of this congregation. And I know this has to be at work in Dr. Oliver's life in order for him to write it. I am so very thankful for the relatively few men who, with much courage, speak, live and write God's truth. It brings great revelation and change to our lives. S.  Ohio
bulletI have just finished reading your book Solomon's Secret, and I must say that I was encouraged, enlightened and educated spiritually and mentally about the biblical book of Song of Solomon. I have read two of your other works, and they each have helped to make my time of devotional even more meaningful. Thank you for hearing and obeying the voice of God. C. Texas

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