Three Great Events In October
October 1, 2005

C. R. Oliver

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October 1, 2005

Three Great Events In October

Author's Note:

This month's newsletter was written by Rev. Eugene Eubank. Mr. Eubank is the cover artist for the new book Sealed Unto His Coming. He is also an ordained minister, having served the Assemblies of God. He relinquished his documents with that denomination (based on his personal belief that they are straying from the Spirit). He now serves independently in his home town through small group Bible Studies. Rev. Eubank is an accomplished artist, a painter of large murals, even paralleling DeVince by painting religious murals in churches, large buildings and custom estate homes. He offers this monograph upon my request and it will supplement the area normally used in a monthly Bible Study.

Rev. Eubank may be contacted at 1463 Seahouse Ct., Surfside Beach, SC, 29575 843-650-0654. His email address is

Three Great Events Fall in October, 2005

For the first time in many years, all the feasts of the Lord are in October. In the past, this phenomena occurred because of a leap year in the Jewish calendar, but this year is different. It is as if these feasts offer an affront to Ramadan, the counterfeit of islam. The hurricane force winds are blowing spiritually, along with the physical winds.

Things monumental are truly taking place. Gatekeepers and watchers on the wall must stand, yes, stand strong in the wind (with ears that hear, eyes that see, and hearts to obey). In the quiet zone of this spiritual hurricane is a voice, the very Spirit of Prophecy: Listen...Soundings of the Shofar are in the distance...Drawing closer, sounding long blasts. With this hurricane (the meeting place where force touches land) comes a covering of fire, an all consuming fire with jealousy as strong as death...and with its force, it actually produces life. It is tearing at the structures of religion and houses of shame, while strengthening the faith of many. The appointed time has come!

The calendar of God is a time-placement instrument. Each and every season has purpose under the authority of Heaven, whether moving things forward, backward or standing still. The will of His seasons is to accomplish appointed events. His work is defining who the harlot is and who the bride is.

Even greater spiritual hurricanes are coming!

Now is the time for action: to awake from slumber...Sleeping. The harlot is identified by her chambers of deception. Even though her lips speak smoothly, they flow as sweet as honey, but her tongue is forked with razor sharp blades. The church has been ravished by this strange woman, who pulls the unsuspecting (having no discernment) to her breast with promises of gold and silver, the marks of success along with their mega-maddened leadership. Her promised riches fool only the foolish.

The Bride is no harlot. Recognizing true love and being full of true wisdom and trusting, the kisses of her mouth have real honey, real milk and real wine under her tongue. She offers a love without payback.

This October, the phenomena of all three feasts are in sequence within its days; the significance is startling and calls for all believers to take heed. A closer examination is worthy of one's time.

The Appointed Times

Rosh Hashanah


"On the first day of the seventh month (Tishri) shall you have a Sabbath, a memorial of blow of trumpets, a holy gathering. You shall do no work therein: but you shall offer an offering or sacrifice made by fire to the Lord."

This day is also known as "The head of the year," starting the New Year with true repentance. Repentance is the reason for the new season. The call of the Shofar being blown all the day long calls out: Repent. Return... Repent, Return... Repent, Return. Repentance must take place FIRST.

This is why fasting and doing no work was commanded; it allowed time to get alone with God and let Him speak about all of one's sins, short comings and inequities and to have them removed. One was to seek forgiveness of others and also forgive. Individuals would have their lives turned around.

The ten days between Trumpets and Atonement (the very next appointed time) became known as The Days of Awe. Continuing in fasting and praying and doing the turn around, the individual heart was quickened and softened. There was to be a complete return to God--to holiness, righteousness and truth or Torah.

This action of self-examination was a shadow of the time coming when all of Israel would be re-gathered to the land atop mount Zion, where the Glory of the Lord would preside, thereby making true tabernacle.

A new narrative of this prophetic appointed time has arisen in the end of days. In history, the freed Hebrews had seen trouble and hardship, time after time on their short Exodus journey. Fear, anxiety, doubt and frustration had brought on anger and tension; this fear spread through a nation without a land or regulation and caused trepidation and loss. Something had to happen to bring cohesion and give them power.

Exodus 19:1 On the third new moon after having been called out from Egypt they came to the wilderness of Sinai. (Having moved from Rephidim [meaning support and/ or shrinking of hands] and given thanks or praise, they camped opposite the mountain at its base--in its shadow.)

This mountain was the very mount where Moses first encountered a message from God in flaming fire via a bush. Now Moses went up to God afresh, seeking to hear from him. God again responded

"Now if you will hearken (hear, listen and do) to my voice keeping covenant, my covenant, you will become to Me a special treasure from among all peoples, for mine is all the earth and as for you, you shall become a kingdom of priests, a most holy nation..."

"Make them holy today and tomorrow," said the Lord, "Tell them to scrub even their clothes that they may be ready for the third day when I AM will come down before their eyes on my mountain Sinai."

The scrubbing of the clothes/cloths was to remove the filth of Egypt from them. The Hebrew children had brought with them gifts, given by the people who enslaved them. These cloths had been defiled, due to the darkness of the land they came from. God was saying: "Remove yourselves from that which had bound you to slavery. Be Free!" Israel was to learn that holiness meant to be clean in all things: spirit, soul and body.

The Lord desired a reviving of a most holy relationship. A way was being made, a path of restoration.

When the sound of the ram's horn was drawn out with a long blast, one must be clean and ready to go up on the mountain! (Read these scriptures for yourself and glean Heb. 12:12-29 Deut. 4:9-14)

The voice of the Shofar sounded exceedingly loud, causing all to tremble. Many days had been spent at the foot of Mount Sinai. Between Exodus chapters 19 and 24, fellowship had become sweet. God's ways were known. By Chapter 24, Moses had been on the mountain many times in fellowship, communing with a Holy God. Now Moses was allowed to come up the mountain with Aaron, his two sons and seventy of the elders of Israel. They had subjected themselves to the way of the Lord, desiring the walk in His holiness; He invited them up.

These elect, the pillars of the Children of Israel, found that God did not send forth His hand to destroy them. His was like a nod of the head or the lifting of a scepter. These men were accepted at the table of the Lord. They ate from hidden manna and drank new wine as in the Kingdom of God. This was a shadow of all of the prophetic appointed times being completed. (See Rev 2:1-3:22; Luke 22:13-20)

The cloud covered the mountain for six days, while Moses and Joshua waited! Waiting on the Lord, being still, listening and meditating on the greatness of His wonder is the missing element in the churches of today.

Out of the middle of the fire, the thundering Voice of God called Moses closer to Himself. The consuming fire grew in intensity as the Children of Israel looked on in amazement.

Moses was now in the eye of the storm, in the middle of the Cloud of Fire. HE was translated far beyond the burning bush where he first saw the Names of God like flames dancing on leaves, not scorched. Now the Names were being burned within his spirit and soul! These were Names he could not reveal or disclose but ones that will be disclosed to God's saints in the Latter Days. Can one even conceive a walk with God this intimate? Oh how it must be, the Bride must come to the mountain...

Trumpets were used as a call for beginnings, but when one hears the trumpet sound at the end of time, it will signal ending. Similarly, the Day of Atonement when begun was a signal of a new day ahead, a day of final atonement, consummated in a cross.

Atonement Day was so arranged as to lead one into tabernacles.

As the month of October rushes upon 2005, so the meaning of these three feasts in unparalleled power rushes upon history's scene.

The Prophetic Appointed Time - Sukkoth


"...on the 15th of this 7th month is the appointed time of tabernacles for seven day to the Lord... On the first day (there is) a proclamation of holiness... For seven days you bring forward near to God a fire offering to the Lord. On the eighth day (a new beginning) you shall have another holy convocation and bring forward another fire offering to the Lord. It is a solemn assembly of holiness unto the Lord (individual and corporately - a double Sabbath - rest)." This is the real Sukkoth!

Sukkoth in Hebrew means "tabernacle or hut" and it is also known as the "Time of Joy."

In Deuteronomy 16:14, there is a command to show great joy at this time.

There are several additional meanings to this appointed time: a season of joy, a time of ingathering, and a time of the nations.

There are also several reasons for these huts or tabernacles to be built. The Sukkoth was a reminder of the past Shekhinah Glory Cloud that led the Hebrews out of Egypt; the fire-cloud of Gods' presence descended on mountain Zion where Moses received the Torah and the design for the tent of meeting was given.

As previously mentioned, this was the time to express one's great joy, "You are to rejoice and make festival, you, your son, your daughter, your servant and your handmaid, and the Levite, the sojourner (stranger/gentile), orphan and the widow that are within your gates...And you shall be abundantly joyful before the Lord."

In these verses, an expression to all people is proclaimed. One can hear and see that Moses inscribed the heartfelt emotions of YHWH with these words; God himself was displaying great joy.

Why? Because this is a rehearsal for a greater appointed time, an "event of events." Contemplating this greater event brought an abundance of joy to the heart of God. His vision is clear from beginning to end (ALEF to TAV). He saw from the beginning, the completion of the newest of beginnings!!! He is the bridegroom already resting with His bride...His Bride is face to face, heart to heart already--by faith. Hallelujah!

Many parallels have appeared in spiritual history: Rebecca (found with great joy); Ruth (the joyous bride engrafted); Esther (joyous for her faithfulness); Shulamite (the consummate joy filled bride).

Rev. 21 "and I saw a new heaven and new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was no more (natural sea)... I, John, saw the new Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband... A great voice out of heaven proclaiming, 'Behold, the tabernacle is with men, and he will dwell (permanently attached, be bonded to) with them,'" (and they shall be his body and God himself shall be married with them, and be their God /their husband).

This appointed time--tabernacles, was/is a shadow rehearsal.

It is my personal belief that Jesus was born during this season and that the taxing of the people during this time was an affront by government to take away the joy of the tabernacle gathering.

Jesus' name even magnified tabernacles: "And they shall call his name Emmanuel (which being interpreted 'God with us' - tabernacleling)." (See Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23.)

Luke 2:1 also gives a hint toward the season. All Israel was taxed during this time. This tax was commanded to throw confusion into all of the people of Israel, for this was their most prophetic appointed time: tabernacles (the last of the three appointed pilgrim times). This was the time when all men were required to go before the Lord at the Temple of Jerusalem. This was also when their tithes and offerings to the Temple were given; "Not to appear before the Lord empty of gifts/offerings." The three pilgrimages were Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) and Tabernacles (See Ex 2:17; 34:22-23 and Deut. 16:16).

Joseph, therefore, had to go to Bethlehem for the registry and tax for Rome, then on to Jerusalem. During this appointed time, the Prophetic Light of the Lord's word was to be revealed.

This was the time for building booths in which to reside for seven days as a remembrance that the Nation of Israel came out of dark Egypt all the while being lead forward by the Glory Cloud and the Pillar of Fire. Many in the kingdom of God are now being so led. Those that keep the Torah teachings have built their booths.

Those in Joseph's day also were ready. The streets and countryside were covered with the faithful, being obedient to God's words.

However, God handmade a special tabernacle for the birth of Emmanuel (The open cave structure being used as a corral for sheep and other animals; looked out into the pasture land and the heavenly skies above).

This first day (evening and morning equaling a day), Mary gave birth to Yeshua, Jesus. (This is a double portion name: Yeshua - Yahweh, "Jehovah is salvation," Emanuel/Tabernacles, God with us.) In essence, this was saying "Jehovah is salvation who tabernacles with us."

This is a very strong prelude to what is on the way to be fulfilled soon! The hurricane of judgment will demand that the spiritual leave their comfortable dwellings--they will be unsafe in those former domiciles. Booths of the best feast are already beginning to appear.

Now Jerusalem was only a few miles from Bethlehem, so the family moved to complete the appointed time. Joseph had to go to Jerusalem as commanded by the Torah. On the eighth day (which was the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles), Jesus was circumcised according to the Word of God (Lev. 12:2)

Because all three of these feasts occur in October, it would do well to keep a spiritual eye on the horizon and remember the words of an orthodox rabbi who lives near me, "Look for a tremendous upheaval about to take place…things are lined up for a cataclysmic change."

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches!

From Dr. Oliver:

Nov. 1, newsletter will begin a series of studies on the subject, "The Kingdom of God." The gospel of Luke will be the primary source for the initial work followed by several months of developing study.

Until Next month,

Dr. Cosby R. Oliver, PhD.


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