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Exact Ezekiel

This 449 page book is a unique study (verse by verse) of the prophet Ezekiel. Exact Ezekiel is so entitled as to emphasize the prophet's commitment to do what God instructed him and without question or expediency.

After over sixty years of study, it was time for a commentary to be written that captured the emotion, pathos and compassion Ezekiel poured into ministry. Being a priest, he understood the importance of every prophetic word.

In deference to such demeanor, great detail is given to follow editorial procedures to determine "the who, what, when, where, how and to whom" each prophecy was applied.

Panoramic scenes will unfold to the reader in such a way that at the end of the book, one can truthfully say: "I feel like I am acquainted with Ezekiel and understand his work in a way I never thought possible."

When commentators say, "Ezekiel is the least read and understood book in the Old Testament," they need this text-which makes the complex, clear. Tedious effort has been expended seeking to offer material that is easy to read, yet profound in revelation. It incorporates views from published and non-published sources, several from arenas thought non-liturgical.

Ezekiel confronted the question of his day, which might well be asked in modern times, "How in the world did God's people wind up here?" His prophecy spans a frame beginning with his own deportation to Babylon and, by revelation, includes end-time scenes. God trusted him with deep comprehension of the spiritual element of all history.

Bible study groups will want to use this text as a course guide-it is designed for such use. From front to back, a progressive unfolding of sections comprises each chapter to facilitate class discussion-ideal for group participation.

Hopefully, the reader will capture the expediency and reward of following the Spirit of God in exactness, without regard to difficulty or needing the favor of man. Great reward awaits the person who gleans this truth and applies its principles. May spiritual exactness be your mantra too!

 Exact Ezekiel $18.95 (US Dollars Retail) Available in English only

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