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Called to be Saints Study Guide

This study guide is designed to be a companion for the book Called to be Saints, to be used in Bible study groups or as a personal handbook for study.

Called to be Saints is a handbook for believers in the Twenty-first Century. Its range is from the earliest prophetic words of Enoch, through Daniel's prophecies to Revelation's establishment of the saints. Because the Last Days will be a time of persecution, it is expedient to know what God's word says about His Holiness Ones.

Called to Be Saints serves as an overview of its main character, The Saint. It examines the life and work of the saints. Scriptural documentation is included integral to the text for easy reference as well as an explanation of the derivation of words from both the Greek and Hebrew languages.

Many parallels are drawn between Old and New Testament passages, along with comments regarding their relation to modern churches and the saint. Care is given to allow the Spirit to expand the various items of discussion in order to lead the reader into his or her own special understanding.

Since there is a dearth of teaching about the saints and little recognition of their part in the end-time scenario, this text is a much needed resource. Clear expressions about the nature and role of saint is made on every page. By the conclusion of the book, the reader will be able to distinguish between the participants of religion and those who are saints. Exciting differences await discovery as the chapters unfold.

 Called To Be Saints Study Guide $7.95 (US Dollars Retail) Available in English only

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