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The Sons of Zadok

This study guide is made to be a companion to The Sons of Zadok for use in Bible study groups or individual study. The student needs to know at least two things before reading the book. First, it was written in one month (between semesters) with the Spirit unfolding each chapter for it proper birth. Truly, the author can take no credit for its inception, content or its delivery. Second, it will supply the reader a tool for judgment in viewing the role of leadership and congregants as well as all religious gatherings. Each segment of the text has been used worldwide as an adjunct for ministry training and continues successfully in that capacity.

Primarily a Biblical Study text, The Sons of Zadok has found a home in large numbers of foreign countries and is being used by various Bible schools throughout North America. Sons of Zadok was first a text delivered at a seminary in Santiago, Chile, and later developed into a full book with many interesting observations. The Sons of Zadok is a "must read" book due to wide audience appeal. This volume uniquely addresses the differences between what is referred to as the "Eli System" versus the "Zadok Priesthood." Passages from both the Old and New Testament will reveal the basic tenet: what man can touch, man can corrupt. Within these twelve chapters lies a new method of approaching the subject of ministry, with an eye to discerning what ministry is and what is of God and what is of man.

Symbolic portrayals found within the Word of God are reviewed as to their relationship to the Sons of Zadok and the Zadok ministry. References range from Genesis through the teaching of Jesus to the end time book of Revelation. A clear path is evident as to how man is to minister to God and what He requires of this ministry.

In a day laden with hype and hypocrisy in religious circles, it is necessary to ascertain what emanates from God and what does not. This book will assist any believer in Jesus Christ to make better judgment both of his or her own life and of that which is paraded under the guise of true religion.

 The Sons of Zadok Study Guide $7.95 (US Dollars Retail) Available in English only

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