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Workbook En Punto

Workbook For En Punto

En Punto, by Dr. C.R. Oliver, is a teaching text that moves the reader from the secularism of the day to a place near the walk of the early church. Beginning with the Preface, written by Missionary Russell M. Stendal, to the Addendums where Ex-Nun, Ann Hall, testifies about her En Punto walk, this book draws the reader into a commitment that is life-changing. Instead of the "haphazard" circumstance-driven life, there arises the awareness of how to live in the "exact" will of God, how to interpret life from a different view. En Punto challenges the reader to a new level of purity and power. Its studies include personal adventures using En Punto principles, as well as Biblical studies from both Old and New Testaments. Inside its main flow there is a special review of the tribe of Benjamin and how their history served as a model of moral relativism, and how they changed to strong determinism in God.

En Punto has been the source book for world Bible Studies, the subject of media interviews and a "must read" text for dynamic Christian living.

This workbook is a companion for En Punto, designed to be used in Bible study groups or as a personal study guide. It was compiled by Attorney Dr. La Vetta Williams and her Assistant Paulette Turner to use in their teachings of the book over the last several years.

 Workbook For En Punto $7.95 (US Dollars Retail) Available in English only

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