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A Study in Isaiah

A Study in Isaiah outlines Isaiah's task in ministry to "re-introduce" God to His people. For many reasons, Israel had lost their understanding of the Person of God. The Prophet faithfully delivers the message given him, revealing His interjections of justice and grace.

With tenderness, he shows the emotional side of the Most High, while never losing sight of the High Holiness of the Redeemer of Israel. Similar to Luke in the New Testament, his message incorporated aspects of God's demeanor that had been obscured through the ritualistic religion of the Jews. Isaiah tears away the veil of history to show how God has been there all along and how His interventions have preserved Israel.

Careful to follow every instruction of the Lord, Isaiah leaves no stone unturned. He identifies the root causes of a straying people and points to the path of correction. God gave the Prophet spiritual understanding of the future, as well as contemporary issues. Isaiah reviews the future of Israel as clearly as a participant-observer. He names historical figures that had not yet been born, such as Cyrus, the Persian conqueror. He paints the birth of Jesus in vivid description and foretells His ministry so succinctly that Jesus quoted from his work in Luke 4. The Prophet is current down to end time events and many of his prophetic projections have not yet come to pass.

This study uses textual and analytic approaches to Isaiah that are both fresh and invigorating. Chapters are geared to Bible Study Groups giving both Scripture and commentary in a format conducive to discussion.


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