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Double Grace contains explosive knowledge about Grace. Readers will find themselves engrossed in the vastness of God's Grace explored in its pages. Also, those who complete the study will be equipped to define and defend their views on the subject.

Currently, Grace is under attack. There is a concerted assault on the use and meaning of Grace in religious circles around the world. It is a devilish attempt to cloud the mind of Christians and contradict the Word of God. The method of attack is to redefine Grace and to misapply it in almost every aspect of its original intent and application.

This study acts as a defense of the true doctrine of Grace. It refines one's understanding of the nature of Grace upon entering the human heart and its intent to bring the person from where they are in their spiritual life to the 'stature of Christ.' True Grace restores; it acts much like the grace extended to the Prodigal son. Grace is interactive, in that it constantly connects one to the will of the Father. Grace is not static, like something received once for all. Grace is dynamic, in that it follows the prescription of the Holy spirit.

Scriptures forming the true doctrine of Grace span both OT and NT and are linked inexorably with the teachings of Jesus and Paul. The golden thread of Grace can be seen in all spiritual transactions, because fallen man must rely upon it for life and salvation. It sustains the believer and carries him or her away from impurity across to purity and ultimately deliverance.

                                                    $16.95  (US Dollars Retail)

Reader Review:

I am so grateful for Dr. Oliver's revelation on grace. I highly recommend this book for those who want to grow in Christ. It is amazing how we just read over that precious word and its incredible meaning so often. Read it at the leading of the Lord and it will enhance your relationship with Him.    Reviewer: BN

God's grace is seen from Genesis to Revelation. This book reveals that in a profound way and IT IS ALL THE WORD OF GOD. It is a revelation of the grace of God in each of the books of the Bible he covers. This is what I especially liked.    Reviewer: SD

A gook from the heart and mind of God by a man of God for the elect of God!    Reviewer: Amazon reader





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