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 En Punto

At least one indispensable prerequisite exists for those who aspire to engage in what is described in this book. The practice of En Punto requires a pure heart that can only be the result of coming into covenant with God on God's terms. Man's schools, discipline and training can provide certain theological formation, but only a direct and sustained encounter with the presence of God will result in transformation.

The precepts illustrated in this text hit hard at the lax nature of the modern church and call, through Biblical study, for a tightening up of the believer's life spiritually, in order to be sensitive to the voice of the spirit. One of the deep premises of this text is that somehow through the ages following the early church, the true model for ministry has been lost or changed. En Punto is about restoring that model. Compromising tolerance characterizes the demeanor of the church in the Twenty-first Century. En Punto stands as a challenge to this un-divine order. Somewhere in the realm of Christendom, there must arise a clear call to strict obedience to the Holy Spirit. When the new millennium arrived, spiritual history changed forever. En Punto declares this new day as important to world history as A.D. was to B.C. The old order is forever done with as the Lord establishes a dominion in the hearts of people unparalleled in spiritual history. He is assembling His Church--one that hears His Voice and does only what He instructs. En Punto is about that body of believers.

$14.95 (US Dollars Retail)

Reader Review: 

I have had En Punto  in my possession for more than seven months when the Spirit got me up from my chair and took the book from its shelf. En Punto captured my immediate attention and took me by the hand as I read the preface...I had to put the book down to absorb the holiness of what I was about to read. I wept and shouted to my husband, "The Spirit wants you to read this book with me." We are only on Chapter 5, but the Spirit moved me to write this.        Reviewer: G.T., Canada

I am so enjoying Oliver's books. Currently reading En Punto and find not only conviction, but confirmation....The book makes my heart sing and joy fills my soul.     Reviewer: R.C., Montana

The discussion of the "Highway of Holiness" is priceless. You needed En Punto yesterday to get to God's today.    Reviewer: Amazon Reader

Reading, ingesting, and meditating up En Punto will enable you to go from here to "there."    Reviewer: Amazon Reader

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