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The Regal Pair

Holiness and Righteousness is a subject which cuts through the morass created by the modern church. It yields its pristine features only to those willing to bow before the presence of God, Jehovah, the Almighty and reigning Son, Jesus. The Regal Pair (H&R) reign, not separately, but as a unit of glory unknown in current circles. However, to those who will become the Bride of Christ, their enthronement is welcome. The Father has always intended that those of the last days embrace this duo with a passion. Their work will bring perfection and yield a countenance as defining as Daniel's and his companions when compared to the world's fare.

This book's foundation is an intense study of Scripture in three dimensions: first, establishing God's definition of holiness and righteousness through His Word; second, creating an understanding about the two elements and their separate character and labor; and third, a joyous revelation about their unique glory when viewed separately. It is in this venue the author separates the inseparable, according to grammatical and word study lines. Grammatically, they are viewed first as Holiness and Righteousness, the noun form; then as Holy and Righteous, the adjective form. As Word studies, their jewel-like qualities are examined in both Old and New Testament settings. A reader should recognize that "Holy and Righteous" describe the heart of the Father and must characterize the heart of His Sons and Daughters.

One cogent truth links each of the chapters, though their arrangement may seem awkward at first, That link is the "simplicity of Christ." His Holiness and Righteousness connects with the Spirit of Holiness to bring the subject-work to life. Although H&R arrives at many doctrinal ports, like a great ship of state, its permanent home is the human heart. Their cargo is perfection, and when this ship sails into the Spirit-port of the reader's mind, an awareness of spiritual refreshing will take place. In the Twenty-first Century, few have considered such perfection as possible, let alone the apprehension of the Pair personally. It is in this realm that the book is explosive, revealing "the ministry of righteousness" as body-ministry.

$12.95 (US Dollars Retail)

Reader Review:

I had read Solomon's Secret, The Sons of Zadok, En Punto and only the first three chapters of The Regal Pair when the Spirit stopped me and instructed me to meditate and re-read those first three chapters before finishing the book. I have just finished the rest of The Regal Pair, and I must say again thank you, Dr. Oliver,  for being obedient to the Spirit and writing your books. Once again, I find that what you write is such a welcome confirmation of what the Spirit has been teaching me over the past years. Boy, did I identify with the loneliness spoken of in Chapter Six.      Reviewer: L.R., SC

Third pass through The Regal Pair. This book cooks ya! Sometimes not so slowly!     Reviewer: J.L., KY

As I have been reading The Regal Pair, I have little concern about Dr. Oliver's spiritual health. No one can write what he has without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have found the best section so far to be his delineation of the work of the Holy Spirit in the overcomers' life. I am grateful to see the conciseness. I have never read any books that deal with the topic specifically. I have read many and never saw more than a vague hint or paragraph about the role of the Holy Spirit.     Reviewer: M.M., ARK

I am about halfway through The Regal Pair and am being so blessed and convicted. I am so thankful for Dr. Oliver's obedience to the Lord in writing these books. The Sons of Zadok changed my life, and the rest of the books have gone on from there.     Reviewer: K.B., MN

I have finished reading The Regal Pair and have enjoyed it immensely. I will be interested to know if the general reception is anything like Dr. Oliver's other books. This one steps out much further than the others. The question in my spirit is: Who will consider the cost and determine whether he/she can actually pay the price of being built into the holy habitation of the Lord? Who, like Moses, will really choose to suffer affliction with the people of God, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of their Egypt? Who will go beyond the typical mental ascent and actually ascend the holy hill of God? Who will be the wayfaring men that will actually travel the Highway of Holiness? Who Lord, who? . . . . .Whosoever will!     Reviewer: A.M., ARK

The Regal Pair is one of the most profound books I've read. And I've read many books in my 34 years as a believer. I carry it with me and read parts of it all the time. It has been instrumental in changing my life and what I desire to be before Him. We pastor a Messianic congregation, and we highly recommend that everyone read it, as this is the direction of this congregation. And I know this has to be at work in Dr. Oliver's life in order for him to write it. I am so very thankful for the relatively few men who, with much courage, speak, live and write God's truth. It brings great revelation and change to our lives. Reviewer: S.S., Ohio

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