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Sealed Unto His Coming

Sealed Unto His Coming is not just a commentary on the entire Bible, although it is, but it has this feature: each chapter of the book is an independent Bible Study in its own right. In other words, each chapter can be used as a "stand alone" unit, thus lending itself to group endeavors. Because this book is focused on one theme, there is a steady movement to build a bank of knowledge about "the Sealed." It unfolds in progression throughout the text. The reader is encouraged to let the ideas explored become a part of his or her thinking, for carry over learning techniques are used as an integral process.

Sealed Unto His Coming will not be "light" or "easy" reading. However, rather than requiring a reader to look up text, the Biblical passage is included in the work. Care has been made to choose Scripture references for inclusion which will illustrate the teaching points being discussed. Room has been given for the Holy Spirit to lead the reader to other passages and give further enlightenment on the various areas of focus. Additional care has been used to separate Scripture from the author's comments, which may seem cumbersome at first, with the addition of punctuation and brackets, but will be taken in stride as time goes by.

Sealed Unto His Coming is divided into seven parts. Within the parts, most Scriptural books have been placed in the sequence they were written. For instance, in the Old Testament, the prophets appear as they appeared on the scene and in the order of their ministry, rather than their placement in the Bible. Similarly, in the New Testament, the writings of Paul are in chronological order, beginning with Galatians.

Sealed Unto His Coming is the fifth component of a five book series. It is the product of nearly two years of writing under the Spirit's direction, and its pages will bear out the importance of this knowledge.

Sealed Unto His Coming features the graphic artist, Rev. Eugene Eubank. His powerful  works were inspired by the Spirit. Many symbolic references can be found in his cover and partition renditions.

$18.95 (US Dollars Retail)

Reader Review:

This book has changed my life. I recently met Dr. Oliver while having coffee at Star Bucks. I struck up a conversation with him and later went to his website and looked at the books available. I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to call and order Sealed Unto His Coming. The book is not an easy read; one must have the Bible beside the book for reference. But, for the first time in my life, I understood the place of each of the prophets and their relation in time to other prophets and historical events. The book also caused me to take a critical look at my own library and discard those books that did not line up with the Word, even though they were considered religious books. There were also some objects in my home that I had to discard. Now, I am looking forward to reading the other books to see their affect on my life.  Reviewer: H.S., Texas

This month I have been blessed in receiving Dr. Oliver's newest book Sealed Unto His Coming. I like what Dr. Oliver stated in his book that Sealed Unto His Coming will not be light or easy to read. I am here to state it is easy to read but not with just this book in hand. After a few pages into this book, I soon had to have my Bible opened next to me, and each page that I read brings me closer to my Father. This book is so filled with information, every person needs to read it. I also feel Dr. Oliver should not be created as a book author but as a great artist for this is a great work of art.     Reviewer: K.S., NV

The cover, the contents (while we are just beginning to enjoy) is a "feasting" opportunity supreme! My, my! We pray our dear Lord will give us Holy revelation and absorption.  capabilities! May this Holy seed absolutely bless, increase, and illumine ALL of our hearts.     Reviewer: C.L., MO

I sincerely found Sealed Unto His Coming as one of the top books I have ever read, and I have read volumes.   Reviewer: L.P., NM

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